Interview: Postal 2 – blood bath

Violence, death, entrails, litres of blood, all of these things belong to original Postal. This game was banned in many countries all over the world. Today, we have spoken with Vince Desi, CEO and co-founder of development team Running with Scissors about the upcoming sequel Postal 2. Get ready, „Blood bath 2“ is coming!
Interview: Postal 2 – blood bath

This article contains adult content

Doupe: First of all, could you please introduce yourself to our readers? Tell us such things like what is your current role in the company, how long have you been working there, what is your favorite game of all time, etc.

Vince Desi: Hi, my name is Vince Desi and I`m a co-founder of Running With Scissors. I manage all biz activities and marketing stuff. I`ve been in the video game biz for 20yrs, and I personally prefer old arcade games like Robotron.

Doupe: "We believe that violence belongs in entertainment products - not in the streets." Very intresting quote taken from your homepage. What do you think about the opinion saying that violence in games is definitely unhealthy and can negatively affect some individuals?

Vince Desi: I look at it like this... Fucked up people do fucked up things... for example a crazy person with a real gun is dangerous, but a mature responsible person with a real gun is not dangerous, and this can be applied to games, video games, tv, movies etc. If a kid is screwed in the head and his parents let him lock himself in a room and play games all day and night, of course he`ll be influenced, no different than if he locked himself in the bathroom all day, everyday, and jerked off.. shit he`d grow up with a twisted sexual mentality.


Doupe: Could you please tell us something about the original Postal and it´s history?

Vince Desi: The original POSTAL was made as a dual CD for PC and Mac, it was first published in November 1997. It had a 3 view with hand painted backgrounds and small 3D characters. It was a hi speed shooter. Since then, we created an add-on pack called POSTAL PLUS. To date it has sold about 250,000 units worldwide. It has been licensed to Japan, Canada, Europe and was available for Linux. It consistently is referred to as the #1 controversial game in video game history, and as many old fans know it paved the way for newer titles like the GTA series.

Doupe: Right now you`re working on the upcoming sequel to Postal. What new features will Postal 2 offer? Where and when came into existence the idea of making a sequel?

Vince Desi: POSTAL 2 is a totally new and different game from the original. There are many creative and technical features, I`ll try to mention few... first we`re using Epic`s UNREAL technology along with Math Engine`s KARMA physics, and our own liquid dynamics, it has over 100 unique characters and exceptionally strong AI. The gameplay is really an Action Adventure with a first person view, we off the player many things to do and explore, and of course we have child-star Gary Coleman playing himself.

The idea of a sequel was always a thought from the beginning with ONE big difference - we didn`t want to make a sequel and POSTAL 2 is NOT a sequel, its a whole new game, it really is a continuation of the POSTAL brand, as you still play The POSTAL Dude.

Doupe: When have you started the project Postal 2? How many people work on this game?

Vince Desi: We actually started the early design in late 2000, then got into full production in early 2001, all in all about 15 different folks have contributed to the game, but the core development team is 9 guys.

Doupe: What can you tell us about the main plot of your game? Where does Postal 2 take place?

Vince Desi: In a small town called Paradise, in Arizona, where the sun is hot and the cactuses grow everywhere. The backstory to the game revolves around the POSTAL Dude. He wakes up one morning listening to his bitch wife complaining. The game takes place over a 5 dayperiod, a week in the life of the POSTAL Dude.  He has to go out and accomplish very basic errands, but nothing is that simple when you`re the Dude.


Doupe: How many missions will the sequel offer? Tell us some example of typical mission of your game. What will be the player`s objectives?

Vince Desi: In POSTAL 2 the Dude has errands to complete, a lot like missions. These errands appear as a list that his bitch wife gave him to do. They include everyday things like going to pick up your paycheck, getting it cashed at the bank, shopping for steaks, voting etc. The best part of POSTAL 2 is not really acomplishing the errands but the gameplay along the way. It`s a very large open world with many things to do and explore. The AI is extremely sophisticated and allows for a variety of interactions with NPC`s including animals. The game takes place as a week in the life of the Postal Dude, from Monday to Friday. So while there are specific errands as objectives leading to the final day, it´s really about having fun in an adventure way, like no other adventure game ever before.

Doupe: What can you say about the main character of your game? Is he or she a "typical" hero?

Vince Desi: The Postal Dude is nice guy, he`s just got a bitch for a wife, he lives in a trailer, and he has a pitbull dog named Champ. Hero? Thats up to the player to decide. You can play the game very passively if you wish or take an extremely aggressive approach. That`s another cool thing about POSTAL 2, you decide how you want to play and the NPC`s will respond accordingly.

Doupe: Tell us something more about the enemies - will we meet soldiers, mutants or something completely different? What´s your favourite game monster and why?

Vince Desi: The Postal Dude has no enemies hahahahah! We have over 100 unique charcters that live in the world along with the Dude. They range from everyday business people, men and women, cops, priests, gay people, dogs, cats, elephants. 

My favorite monster is that ugly fucking turtle scum head thing in the new Contra.

Doupe: What types of gadgets and weapons will player use?

Vince Desi: The Postal Dude is different than your average citizen. Here are just some of the stuff he can use: fire, gasoline, scissors, baton, tazer, shotgun, machine gun, and many more, but check this out... you can KICK people hahhahah!


Doupe: Music is very important part of every game, I think. How are you dealing with this issuse in Postal 2?

Vince Desi: Music is just one aspect of audio. If you know about the original POSTAL, we used a lot of ambient sounds and no music at all. In POSTAL 2 there is extensive use of ambient sound effects, and a variety of music and a ton of vocals.

Doupe: Postal 2 uses the Unreal engine. Will your graphics offer any kind of functions or effects that other games will lack?

Vince Desi: Yeah, PUKING and PISSING! A big graphic feature is that we allow you to play indoors and outside. You can go in every building, all kinds of rooms, and even rooftops.

Doupe: Right now do you have any idea of the system requirements of Postal 2? Do you plan to port your game to any of new consoles like Xbox, PS2 or GameCube?

Vince Desi: Min specs: 600 MHz, GeForce 2, 1 GB, 256 MB RAM 

Yeah, we`re talking with publishers now about consoles. A lot of fans really wanna see it on the Xbox and PS2.

Doupe: What multiplayer support can players expect to see? Are you going to support modifications in Postal 2?

Vince Desi: For starters basic deathmatch. And the UNREAL editor will ship as part of the game, so mods should be easy.

Doupe: What is the supposed release date?

Vince Desi: March 2003

Doupe: A lot of players would appreciate a playable demo. Do you plan to release it? And if yes, when?

Vince Desi: Yeah, we will, real soon.

Doupe: What do you think is the greatest innovation of Postal 2 compared with other games of this genre? What will the players like most about Postal 2?

Vince Desi: Humor! Seriously, we make killing FUN! New games are always breaking new ground in technology and POSTAL 2 uses the latest 3D engine from Epic and Karma physics from Math Engine, and our own liquid dynamics, but all games can do this. What we do different is GAMEPLAY, we let you do all kinds of cool stuff, and in a variety of ways, so you can REPLAY and REPLAY, something we really believe makes for a great game.


Doupe: Original Postal has been marker as the "Most Violent Game of All Times". Is the sequel going to get this "sticker" again?

Vince Desi: We don`t control what people say about us or our games. I really don`t care what they say as long as the fans have fun. I guarantee you that if you play POSTAL 2 you will die laughing!

Doupe: Thank you for your time and patience. Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Vince Desi: GET READY, The Postal Dude is coming back!

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