KREED - interview and exclusive screens!

Russian developers Burut CT have been working on their ambitious action game project called KREED for more than two years now. We`ve asked them about their opinion on Half-Life, DOOM III, actual state of development, multiplayer options of KREED and much more. Besides we bring you a few exclusive screenshots from KREED!

Doupě: First of all, could you please tell us something more about the history of Burut Software?

Burut CT: The first time Burut came into view was in the fall of 1999. Later, after we had developed and released a few electronic encyclopedias and educational programs, we switched to making computer games.
When we were working on our first RPG "HEATH" there were only 5 people in Burut CT. However, although there were so few of us back then, everyone had some experience with game projects, which naturally helped a lot. Of course, it was only basic knowledge, but as we worked on our first game the level of proficiency went up dramatically. In the first place, we did our best to ignore the dominating stereotypes and experiment as much as possible. 
March 2001 was the time for the long-anticipated and release of  "HEATH" - an exciting part for us all. We got a contract with a well-known Russian publisher Russobit-M with profound experience in the game business.
Our first game got a lot of both positive and negative reviews. On the other hand, it attracted a lot of players with its unusual, typically Slavic gameworld based on the incredibly fascinating ancient mythology. 
Right now BURUT Creative Team is developing two original projects - a hi-tech futuristic First Person Shooter "KREED" and a sequel to "HEATH" - a magic-fantasy "Golden Land". Over 30 people - specialist in various areas - are engaged in the projects.
Our company aims to satisfy the most exigent gamers with impressive, remarkable games that somewhat open a door to a different reality. Once the great Timothy Leary, the father of the rebellious 1960`s psychedelic revolution, spoke of the virtual space, Cyberia, where human mind would reach the unreachable peak of perception. So we are sort of paving roads to Cyberia.  

exclusive screenshots

Doupě: What is the current development state of Kreed?

Burut CT: By now all the levels in the single-player are complete, fully synchronized and tested. We are still working on the multiplayer maps. Besides, we are developing script rolls, which is a rather exciting part. 

Doupě: Do you consider Kreed to be a real threat for DOOM III?

Burut CT: We have many a time said in other interviews that "KREED" is not competing with any other games, especially DOOM III. We are making OUR OWN GAME with its unique storyline, world, and characters. It reflects our own view of the world. We are not interested in frantic competition, the kind when rivals are eager to tramp on each other just for the sake of victory. On the contrary, we are impatient to see what those id Software kids have prepared for the world.
Sales volumes, gamers` reactions, and the ever-critical  game publicity will estimate the degree of "KREED"`s popularity.

Doupě: I`ve read it`s Half-Life what inspired you most of all. What features in particular did you like?

Burut CT: That`s true, the legendary Half-Life is one of our favorites. We play it  form time to time when we get tired of the hot battles in "Battlefield 1942" or "Warcraft III". It has a fascinating plot, a thrilling gameplay, unexpected turns, which makes you want to pass it over and over again. No wonder it is considered a 3D Action classic, inspiration to multiple add-on`s. There is a lot to learn from it, especially how it keeps the player alert, teaches him to spare ammunition and think twice before making a step.    
Doupě: Are there any other sources of inspiration?

Burut CT: While working on "KREED" we perused books and watched sci-fi films, surveyed other games, investigated serious historical, artistic, philosophical, and cultural works. 
We were also greatly inspired by cyber-punk, Japanese hardcore manga, space opera (especially Arthur Clark and Dan Simmons), industrial music and philosophy (for instance the ideas of an occult industrial band called Coil), religious studies, esotherics, history of civilizations, history of architecture and modern design, ancient and modern philosophy, the theory of black holes and space-and-time travel.



Doupě: Do you follow the development of other similar gaming titles from other companies? Are there any attracting your attention?

Burut CT: Of course, we try to keep an eye on what other game developers do, how they organize their activity, how they work with staff, how they arrange PR campaigns, etc. That`s why we regularly study computer magazines, play much (for analytical purposes), do a lot of communication through Internet and in real life, and participate in international fairs.
Although there are various role models (like Valkerie Studios, the creators of the famous "Septerra Core" RPG or Sierra Studios), our company has its own way. Once we began as ordinary enthusiasts, we started on our way to professionalism, learning form the luminaries and continuously polishing our skills.
Doupě: Of what importance do you treat the story of your game?

Burut CT: The plot to "KREED" was originally supposed to be a serious sci-fi book, inspired by such classics as Frank Herbert, Dan Simmons, Paul Anderson, and Andre Norton. Our gameworld is not just refined to the smallest detail, but also has ideological content: each party knows what they are fighting for, no matter who they are -  dead-eater Schpiggs or heretic Jekreeds. 
Our aim was not to create a mainstream shooter, a one-day thing, but rather a  concept, an epoch game that would take the player to a different world. In our opinion, games that erase the line between the real and the imaginary are the games of tomorrow.

Doupě: C&C: Renegade, HALO and Battlefield 1942 recently showed how important and amusing vehicles can actually be. Will we meet any vehicles in Kreed? And if the answer is "YES", there`s another question from me: will the player be able to control them?




Burut CT: The vehicles in "KREED" are freight truck and insectoid  Battle Robot with its extraordinary Scorpio shape. They may be used in the course of the mission. The player will be able to control them (like in "Battlefield 1942"). 

Doupě: What about music in Kreed, can we expect any special features/songs? What genre will it be, if it will be? I can smell some rock`n roll in there, huh?

Burut CT: The style of "KREED"`s soundtrack is aggro-industrial and dark ambient, which totally matches the concept of the game. It adds its portion of adrenaline and makes you pass the level without catching a breath.
All the tracks are pretty dynamic, thay are loaded with hardcore guitar and tumultuous drum`n`bass. Ambient pieces mix ethnic jazz with mystic oriental sound.

Doupě: What types/groups of players do you aim at? Is Kreed just a "game for all" or is it intended for FPS players only?



Burut CT: "KREED" is designed for all kinds of players, including tough FPS fans. There is space for both hardcore, rough gameplay and intricate logics, tactical thinking.   

Doupě: Is it possible to choose a difficulty level? How is difficulty handled in Kreed?

Burut CT: There should be three difficulty levels in "KREED", each one having different enemy behavior and skills degree. 

Doupě: In what way are you dealing with the multiplayer issue? Do you think an FPS without multiplayer options is able to succeed on today`s market?

Burut CT: "KREED" multiplayer options include DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, and Assault. There might also be ?ooperative, though this issue is still unsettled.
As for no-multiplayer FPS, to our mind, those games can be commercially successful, too, if there`s enough advertising. Buyers will react to a famous, offbeat title (and that means a smash hit, too) in the first place, no matter what it brings - another mainstream thing or a brand new revolutionary product. A thrilling adventurous plot and exciting gameplay would be another advantage of single FPS - a kind of game that mesmerizes the player. That might be the reason why Aliens versus Predator`s single is so great while its multiplayer  soon lost its popularity although it had various race options and an original design.

Doupě: Are there any plans to make Kreed for console systems as well?

Burut CT: We are planning to eventually release a console version of "KREED", but it is still uncertain when we will do it.


Doupě: What about community support? Do you plan to release any kind of editing tools with the full version of your game (or after its release)?

Burut CT: Sure, there will be a mod community - we will make sure of that. We do our best to support forums and communicate with those who are interested in project development. We also send out "KREED" fan-site collections.
As for the level editor, it will most likely appear after the release. Anyone who has an original "KREED" will have an opportunity to modify bots, weapon, and even bot behavior without actually changing the game`s code.

Doupě: What are your future plans? What will you do after the completion of Kreed?

Burut CT: Go on making high-quality, thought-out, and original games. KREED-World might also get a sequel in the future.   

Doupě: Thank you for your time and patience and good luck!

Burut CT: Thank you for your questions! Good luck to you and all your visitors!


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