Mafia – interview with creators of SnowMode

Mafia is a very popular game, especially in Germany. And in Germany is just being developed one of the interesting mode for this game. It´s called SnowMode and because it is going to be released very soon, we contacted its authors and interviewed them. Our questions answered leader of the team with nick Nachtfalke.
Mafia – interview with creators of SnowMode

Doupe: What is your personal opinion to Mafia? Is it the best game of 2002?

Nachtfalke: I think Mafia is a really good game and it contains many cool features to get the title "Best game of 2002".  But after all there is no multiplayer (very important in this genre) and no editor for this game so I don`t really think Mafia has the ability to be the "Best game of 2002".

Doupe: Do you have any idea what type of multiplayer would be in Mafia the best?

I think a multiplayer like in Carmageddon would be very nice, so you have 2 teams (gangs) and they try to eliminate each other. OK, the multiplayer with the Race Circuit would be probably nice, too.

Doupe: Does Mafia contains something what you don´t like and what would you change?

The game itself is very good, nice story, "nice" end but the "Freeride Extreme" mode has one feature I really missed. When I have solved all missions in this mode, why I don`t get a message about that? Like that: "Very good, you solved all missions, your status is now..".and so on. But there is no information about how many missions you have already done.


Doupe: How is popularity of this game generally in Germany? From our point of view (first place in PC Games and Gamestar magazinnes) it looks like you love it.

Yeah. We love Mafia ;-) I`d like to compare it with GTA3. There are many fans in Germany because it`s a great genre. We just love it to drive like crazy through the city and shoot down some people time to time. ;-)

Doupe: How did you get the idea to make Snowmode? Why did you decide to move Lost Heaven to winter?

Everything starts in the forum from Somebody make the suggestion that a SnowMode in Lost Heaven would be very nice. But he never finished his SnowMode, so I decided to make my own mode.


Doupe: Will be Snowmode containing any other inovations except rewriting all textures to winter style? Will be changed for example car performance?

This SnowMode version we will release in February contains only following features:

· Rewriting all (except a few) textures to winter style
· Changed background music and some other sound files

Without an editor it is really hard to change other things in Mafia. But if the Capone Editor will be released we also will release a new version of our Snow Mode.

Doupe: Will be these changes active in all modes of Mafia (in campaign, free ride extreme..)?

The changes will be active in all modes of Mafia.



Doupe: Will be also snowing in the game?

No, sorry. We don`t know how to change these things in Mafia.

Doupe: How many people are working on this project?

Actually there a ten people working on the SnowMode project.

Doupe: Have you worked also on other upgrades to Mafia before?
No, this is the first time.

Doupe: How long have you been working on this mode?

 We´ve been working since October 2002.


Doupe: How large (MB) will be all download? Will it be free to download at your web site?

I can`t exactly say how many MB the mode will have, but after all I think around 200 MB. After the release you will be able to download the mode on and of course on

Doupe: Will it be distributed on CDs of game magazinnes?

We will hope it :-)

Doupe: Just few days ago, you said development of this mode is almost done. When are you going to release it?

In the first days of February 2003 I think. My team members and I are working on the last changes.

Doupe: Are you planning to make some other modes? What will they be about?

Of course we will release a newer version of the SnowMode in the future but other modes for Mafia are not planned.


Doupe: And last question why would people play Mafia with Snowmode?

I don`t know why people would play Mafia with the SnowMode but I`ll hope it. After all, with this project I would like to show that it is (was) possible to create a good mode for Mafia without an editor. So I hope that some people try it out and write me a mail what they think about that mode in it`s first version.

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